Here Are The Dangers Of Leaving Your Missing Teeth Unreplaced.

Here Are The Dangers Of Leaving Your Missing Teeth Unreplaced.

December 1, 2021

There are several reasons why some people might not attend to their missing teeth. It could be due to dental phobia (fear of getting dental treatment) or other reasons. However, it is dangerous to leave your missing teeth unattended too. Your dental health is essential as well.

Missing teeth is one of the common dental problems that people experience. There are a lot of damages and discomfort that missing teeth can cause.

The good news is that several dental procedures can help restore the missing teeth. In general dentistry, patients can get treatments for many dental problems. A general dentist is trained to diagnose, treat and prevent dental issues. A general dentist has basic knowledge about all the dental specialties. To become better in a particular dental department, the dentist must undergo specialty training after graduating from dental school.

General dentists can also educate dental patients on how to prevent dental damages and take proper care of their teeth. Your general dentist would also educate you about the dangers of leaving your missing teeth unattended. You can visit general dentistry in Stockton.

What Causes Teeth Loss?

Different reasons can cause teeth loss. If you can learn about what causes the teeth to fall out or get missing, you might be able to prevent your teeth from getting missing. Here are the causes of teeth loss;

  • Periodontitis: Periodontal disease is caused by infections that affect the gums. It usually starts with mild gum disease (gingivitis). When gingivitis is left untreated, it can become periodontitis which is an advanced gum infection. It is better to get treatments for gum infections when they are mild to prevent them from advancing. Also, at the mild stage of gum disease, you can still easily get treated and prevent your teeth from getting damaged by a deteriorated gum infection. Mostly, gum infections are caused by inadequate oral hygiene. When bacteria keep accumulating around the gum line, gum infections can occur. Due to periodontal disease, you can lose your tooth when the gums begin to disconnect from the tooth’ roots thereby causing the teeth to feel loosened. You can get gum disease treatment from a dentist near you.
  • Tooth Infection: Tooth infections can cause tooth loss if left untreated. When the teeth are infected, you might experience discomfort. People with tooth Infection can get root canal treatment to get rid of the tooth infection. A root canal is one of the ways to save an infected tooth without having to remove the infected tooth. However, if the tooth infection has been left untreated for long and has penetrated too deep and affected the teeth bone, you might lose your teeth.
  • Bad Oral Care: Despite brushing our teeth at least once a day, the teeth might still get affected by decay and infections. Dental hygienists often advise that we brush our teeth twice daily and floss once daily. Also, it is advisable to use mouth rinses during the day after eating to keep plaques and tartars away. There is no limit to taking care of your dental health. Visiting the dentist for a regular dental checkup is also one of the best ways to prevent dental diseases. You can also get professional dental cleaning from your dentist to keep your teeth clean and free from plaques.
  • Accidents: This is one of the most common causes of missing teeth. People can lose their teeth due to accidents from sports activities and other accidental events. You can see your dentist for protective mouth guards to protect your teeth from suffering from traumatic effects.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Missing Teeth.

A lot of things can go wrong when you don’t replace your missing teeth. You can see a dentist in Stockton for dental restorative procedures to help you replace your missing teeth. Possible problems include:

Gum Disease: Yes, you are at a higher risk of developing gum disease when you don’t replace your missing teeth. You might be wondering why your gums are getting affected despite not being the cause of the missing teeth. Well, if you don’t replace the missing teeth, germs can easily find their way into your gums since the teeth aren’t there to protect the gums. It can lead to advanced gum infection (periodontitis).

Bone Loss: If you leave, you don’t replace the missing teeth, the teeth bone where the missing teeth used to stay might begin to get weak and die (bone loss) due to inactivity.

Biting And Talking Problems: you might experience difficulties when chewing foods. Due to this, you might not get to eat some of your favorite foods because of the inability of your teeth to chew properly. Also, you might experience speech problems causing you to go through difficulties when trying to pronounce certain words. Replacing the missing tooth would make your dental structure complete and allow it to perform its dental functions.

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