How to Replace Missing Teeth Effectively Using Same-Day Implants

How to Replace Missing Teeth Effectively Using Same-Day Implants

October 1, 2021

With modern dental technology, almost anything can be done to revamp your smile. Gone are the days when tooth extractions were the only solution for damaged teeth. Now, at our dental office in Stockton, CA, we have a plethora of options that can ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful smile. One of these innovative treatments is same-day implants in Stockton, CA.

Dental implants near you were introduced in the market back in the sixties, and dentistry has never been the same again. As though replacing an entire tooth wasn’t a huge achievement, now we took dental implants near you a step further. We have same-day implants in Stockton, CA, that can replace your missing teeth in a heartbeat. Why wait for several months to get your smile revamped?

Time is no longer a hindrance; all you need to do is come to our Stockton dental office and get your new set of pearly whites. Curious? Let’s peer into this treatment.

Same-Day Implants, In a Nutshell

As you might know, dental implants are regarded as tooth replacements. However, in technical terms, they are root replacements. The titanium rod is designed to be the same size as your tooth root. So, when our dentist surgically inserts it in your jawbone, it replaces the tooth root. In a few months, the jawbone and the titanium rod become one.

This feature makes dental implants sit above the other tooth replacement options. Dental implants offer stability, durability, and comfort. They have three unique components: the titanium post (the implant), the abutment (the part that links the implant to the dental prosthesis), and the dental prosthesis that covers the implant.

But, same-day implants boast of something unique. They can be fixed on the sameday instead of traditional implants, which will take several months before you receive your new smile.

With traditional dental implants, you will wait for your socket to heal after a tooth has been extracted. Then, the implant will be placed in the jawbone, and you will wait for several months as osseointegration occurs. After osseointegration (the process of titanium rod fusing with your jawbone) takes place, then a denture or a crown can be fixed.

On the other hand, same-day implants will be placed in one day, then you can go home, and the process of fusing with your jawbone will occur after you have a brand new smile.

Who Is Eligible for Same-Day Implants?

If you desire to go down this road, come to our dental office in Stockton, CA, for a dental examination. Our dentist near you will get a chance to check your jaw, your health and see what works for you. Some of the issues that our dentist will look at will include:

  • Bone Quality

Since implants are inserted in the jaw bone, you will need dense and healthy bone for the procedure to go as expected. A thin or infected bone will be unable to hold an implant in place.

  • Bone Depth

A typical implant will not be less than 10mm in length. This means that if you lack enough bone for implant placement, then the procedure might not be the way to go.

  • Force on the Tooth

The tooth’s location and characteristicsvis-à-vis your natural bite is also an issue that is considered before you receive same-day implants. The reason behind it is that the same-day implant should not withstand excessive bite force when your bone is still healing.

How Are They Fixed?

By now, you must be contemplating how a five-month procedure can be done in a few hours. Here’s how:

  • Consultation

Our dentist will examine your mouth, including your teeth, gums and jaw bone. Also, your medical history will be analyzed to see if you are the perfect candidate for the procedure.

  • Treatment Plan

After our dentist has ascertained that you can get the treatment, a plan will be created. If any other extra procedures need to be carried out, they will be included in the plan.

  • Surgery

Anesthesia will be administered before the procedure commences to ensure that the procedure is pain-free and comfortable. Surgery will involve a myriad of procedures such as extractions, placing the implants, and much more. Then a tooth crown will be placed to cover the tooth implant.

  • Recovery

In a few hours, you will have a new set of pearly whites. But this doesn’t mean that you have skipped the healing process. The titanium bit has to fuse with the jaw bone for the implant to be stable. This process usually takes months; therefore, you will need to come for checkups.

Same-day implants are an excellent option if you desire a permanent tooth replacement within a single visit. If you wish to get same-day implants, contact us at Quail Lakes Dental Care.

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