Major Reasons Which Prove Dental Implants are Necessary

Major Reasons Which Prove Dental Implants are Necessary

January 7, 2022

Dental implants are a common intervention for a person with lost teeth. Several factors might lead to a lost tooth, from poor oral hygiene to dental trauma. Despite drastic improvements in dental care over the last few decades, millions of Americans suffer from dental ailments. Bridges and dentures were the only options for mission teeth or an impacted tooth. Modern dentistry offers a better and viable option in the form of a dental implant.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical components that are embedded into the jawbones through invasive procedures. It is mandatory to visit the dentist near you to undergo dental implants. Dental implants are artificial structures that serve the purpose of dental roots which have been impacted due to trauma or infections.

The orthodontic dentist places the posts or screw-like structures on the jawbones, and the abutment connects the posts with the artificial teeth. The crown or artificial teeth are made to resemble the natural color of the teeth and serve as a complete replacement for lost teeth.

Why is Dental Implant a Better Choice?

The metal posts that are embedded into the jawbones are made from titanium that fuses with the jawbones in due time. The posts are firmly placed into the jaws and do not slip or cause damage to adjacent teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants do not need the support of adjacent teeth and are easy to clean.

  • Dental implants can be the right choice if you:
  • Have lost one or multiple teeth.
  • Have healthy gum tissues.
  • Have a developed jawbone.
  • Have adequate jawbone to accommodate the dental implant.

The Preparation for Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment is an elaborate procedure that starts with extensive oral examination by specialists to ensure that the jaws are healthy and mature enough to accommodate the dental implant. A specialist to look into the state of your nose, ear, and throat should also be consulted to avoid any complications.

Before the surgical process is started, the dentists would prepare you with x-rays and 3-D imaging of the oral cavity. Past medical history is also important for the dentist to understand the state of your body and past exposure to medicines. A person with acute heart disease is administered with local anesthesia and sedation instead of general anesthesia.

The recovery time depends on the extent of surgery and the body’s capacity to heal quickly. Dental implant treatment is an outpatient procedure, and you may get same-day implants in Stockton, CA. the various steps of dental implant procedure include:

  • Removal of the damaged tooth
  • Preparation or grafting of the jawbones
  • Placement of dental implant
  • Placement of abutment
  • Placement of artificial tooth

Are Dental Implants a Bad Idea?

Dental implants are the new-age procedure to replace lost teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth. Although an invasive procedure that is completed in multiple steps, but once done, you can experience with utmost comfort and functionality resembling that of natural teeth.

Dental implants are the best choice to conceal a dental gap minus the discomforts and damage to adjacent teeth. Some of the immense benefits of dental implants are:

The Look

Dental implants are designed to resemble natural teeth, thus do not affect the aesthetic value, unlike dental bridges or dentures. Patients with dental implants can chew and eat food without difficulties, and it gives you the confidence to smile freely.


Dental implants can last life-long with proper care and maintenance. Implants do not demand additional care apart from regular brushing and flossing.

Success Rate

Dental implant treatments have the highest success rates among all restorative dental processes. With time, dental implant techniques have significantly evolved, thus increasing the rate success rate of implant surgeries.

Improved Speech

Dentures and bridges tend to slip inside the mouth, causing the words to slur inside the mouth. Dental implants allow distinct speech without hindrance.

Less Visit to the Dentist

Implants can last life-long with minimal care and maintenance. You may visit the dentist for regular checkups, but dental implants do not need in-house maintenance, unlike dentures or bridges.

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