Clear Aligner Therapy in Stockton, CA

Clear Aligner Therapy in Stockton, CA

A misaligned, crooked, or uneven smile can be corrected with the help of custom-fitted orthodontic tools like ClearCorrect braces. ClearCorrect aligners from Quail Lakes Dental Care can help teens and adults reclaim their smiles and self-confidence.

If you’ve been considering getting treatment for an unattractive smile, please call our trained dentists near you for an evaluation.

Multiple Effects of a Misaligned Set of Teeth

If not corrected, crooked teeth can result in a host of problems. They not only disfigure your smile but also cause bite imbalances and premature wear and tear. Misaligned teeth are also one of the main reasons for TMJ disorders and stress headaches. It’s much harder to clean between crooked teeth due to lack of space, making them more susceptible to decay and cavities.

Misaligned teeth can impact our appearance and make us feel self-conscious about ourselves. Clear aligner therapy in Stockton, CA is a modern substitute for traditional metal braces and is a suitable option for metal-sensitive patients.

ClearCorrect Aligners Versus Standard Metal Braces: How Do They Compare?

They offer a host of benefits when compared to conventional braces.

They Are Removable

Unlike metal braces that can only be adjusted or removed by a dentist, ClearCorrect aligners can be removed and re-inserted by the patient. This is particularly useful during mealtimes and brushing, as you can clean your ClearCorrect aligners and insert them back into place. Our friendly dentist in Stockton, CA, will show you how to insert and remove your ClearCorrect aligners the right way.

On the other hand, metal braces are fastened with the help of wires and brackets, and it’s more challenging to chew and bite while wearing them.

Clear Aligners Helps Reduce the Likelihood of Caries

One of the biggest problems with wearing metal braces is that patients may be unable to brush and floss properly. However, ClearCorrect aligners at Quail Lakes Dental Care can be removed when you brush, and this helps reduce the chances of decay.

ClearCorrect Aligners Does Not Interfere with Your Daily Activities

Many patients feel less confident about themselves while wearing conspicuous metal braces. ClearCorrect aligners in Stockton, CA, works discreetly in the background.

What Dental Issues Can ClearCorrect Clear Aligners Treat?

ClearCorrect aligners near you can correct several malocclusion and dental misalignment issues. We use these aligners in our Stockton dental office to fix the following dental problems:

  • Mild to moderate crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth.
  • Gapped smile due to misalignment of front teeth.
  • A mild overbite, underbite, or crossbite.

Our dentist in Stockton performs a thorough evaluation of your specific orthodontic needs to determine if ClearCorrect aligners are suitable for you. When you visit our dental office in Stockton, CA, our dentist near you will provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve the desired smile transformation.

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