General Dentistry in Stockton, CA

General Dentistry in Stockton, CA

The best way to preserve oral wellbeing is to take proactive steps to prevent problems in the first place. Our reliable family dentists near you combine passion and expertise with state-of-the-art technology to treat patients of all ages.

Reliable General Dentistry near You

Whether you’re looking to get implants for yourself, mouth guards for your child, or a smile makeover for your parent, we are there to handle all your dental care needs. Quail Lakes Dental Care is a one-stop clinic for routine as well as emergency dentistry services. Early professional intervention and timely treatment are essential for lasting oral and overall wellbeing.

Our compassionate family dentists in Stockton, CA, provide a full spectrum of preventive, restorative, children’s dental care and cosmetic dentistry under one roof.

General Dentistry Treatments and Procedures

Our general dentistry treatments and services are described below:

Bruxism Treatment – Teeth grinding leads to chipped, cracked, and broken teeth and results in premature enamel erosion. Custom-fitted night guards can help patients with bruxism as they prevent teeth surfaces from abrasive contact.

Mouth Guards – Over-the-counter sports guards are often bulky and ill-fitting and interfere with breathing and speaking. Personalized sports mouth guards protect your teeth, gums, tongue, and lips from injury and trauma during sports and physical activities.

As customized mouth guards are fabricated from precise impressions of your oral cavity, they also fit over prosthetics like braces, crowns, or bridges.

Tooth Extractions – We may need to pull severely damaged, heavily infected, or impacted teeth. We use effective sedation dentistry techniques to keep patients relaxed throughout extraction procedures.

Gum Disease Treatment – Infected gum tissue can be treated with deep cleaning treatment, administration of topical or systemic antibiotics, or oral surgery in advanced cases.

Root Canals – Untreated tooth decay penetrates the pulp chamber and often results in inflammation. Root canal therapy helps clear away decayed matter and save the tooth.

Emergency Dental Care – We appreciate that dental emergencies often occur before or after business hours. After providing instructions over the phone, we will administer urgent dental care to ease the pain.

Please contact Quail Lakes Dental Care for General Dentistry services in Stockton, CA.

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