Oral Surgery in Stockton, CA

Oral Surgery in Stockton, CA

If you are scheduled for an oral surgical procedure at our dental office, you can be confident that you’ll receive compassionate, courteous, and committed care from start to finish.

Our highly trained family dentists near you provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including general dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry services, and cosmetic dental solutions.

Oral Surgery in Stockton, CA

Safe and effective sedation dentistry and the use of high-precision diagnostic technology help keep patients relaxed during oral surgery procedures. Toothache, gum disease, heightened sensitivity, and discomfort should never be ignored, and it’s important to visit Quail Lakes Dental Care at the earliest.

Patients with severe decay, acute infection, or impacted teeth may need surgical intervention for pain relief. While decay and infection can be prevented to a large extent with regular care, impacted wisdom teeth develop on their own due to lack of space in the oral cavity.

When Do You Need Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery near you may be necessary in the following cases:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth often erupt under the gum tissue as they develop last, behind the second molars. An impacted wisdom tooth can affect the integrity of surrounding teeth and cause damage to dental structures, including bone. If left untreated, it can cause acute pain and discomfort. After numbing the tooth roots and site, we will extract the wisdom tooth from its socket.

Dental Implants – After evaluating the gums, teeth, and jawbone, we will perform a one-hour oral surgery to insert dental implants in the jawbone. It takes approximately three to four days to recover and heal after implant surgery at Quail Lakes Dental Care.

Jaw Surgery – Patients with severe TMJ disorder may need oral surgery for better alignment of the jawbone.

Oral Surgery Aftercare

Our experienced dentists in Stockton, CA, will provide a specific list of aftercare instructions to be followed. In general, patients should:

  • Place an ice pack for 10 minutes and keep off for 10 minutes to control swelling.
  • After 24 hours, rinse your mouth with warm water and brush very gently
  • Take adequate rest and keep your head propped on pillows

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