Toothbrushing Can Be Fun – How to Educate Your Child?

Toothbrushing Can Be Fun – How to Educate Your Child?

March 1, 2022

Every child is unique, but all children have the gift of imitating. Brushing is one of the important ways of maintaining oral hygiene. Although every child has two sets of teeth, the temporary teeth give way to the permanent ones. As a parent, you might opine that oral hygiene or proper brushing is not essential because temporary teeth would not last long. But if ample care is not taken of teeth from the tender age, the cavities might affect the gums, leading to periodontal infections.

Cavities are the most threatening dental ailment for children. They tend to chew candies or snacks now and then. The food particles stuck between the teeth can lead to tartar and a thriving place for oral bacteria. Proper burnishing can get rid of the dame.

Parents can start incorporating the correct brushing methods as a clean oral cavity can evade most dental ailments, such as tooth decay or teeth loss. Children learn best through playing, and introducing the new brushing routine can be adapted if you can make it fun rather than a chore.

Make Oral Hygiene into a Regular Routine

Good oral hygiene involves more than mere brushing. You should follow the recommendations of a dentist near you to keep your oral cavity in good condition. The children also need to get into a routine to ensure having good oral health.

You can visit pediatric dentistry in Stockton, CA, to get a comprehensive dental examination with your child. The dentist might also demonstrate good oral hygiene practices. It is better to brush twice every day. You can choose a convenient morning and before bed so that the family brushes together. This way, the child can feel it is fun rather than following a boring routine.

It is better to teach your child the brushing techniques in the first few days, but remember to make it fun. You should hold the toothbrush against the gum line and brush gently at an angle of 45 degrees. You should start from the tooth’s base and move up to the teeth’s chewing surface. Brushing the teeth in sweeping motion can be beneficial.

Get a Child-Friendly Toothpaste

Fluoride is essential for developing teeth, and dentists suggest choosing a toothpaste rich in fluoride for your child. You should also ensure that your child’s toothpaste is free from sodium lauryl sulfate and contains glycerin and sorbitol. You can choose your child’s favorite flavor to make toothbrushing enjoyable.

Teaching the brushing technique can be challenging for some parents, but you can make it a fun exercise by adapting the following methods:

  • Brush Together: – Since kids love to imitate adults, you can lead by example. Getting the whole family to brush together at a particular time can incorporate good habits. You can make your child teach the correct brushing technique and save time, as you can complete brushing while conducting and monitoring the child’s brushing.
  • Special toothbrush: – A new toothbrush would get your child inclined to brush. You can go shopping together as this would cultivate interest in using the new toothbrush. You can choose a cartoon-themed or bright-colored toothbrush with soft bristles. It is better to go for toothbrushes designed for children.
  • Rewards: – Instead of forcing upon the child, you can embrace a rewarding system to motivate your kid to brush regularly. You can decorate a poster with names of all days in a week and make the child put a sticker each day they brush. You may gift a toy once he brushes all days a week.
  • An Interesting story: – Children fear dentists and associate pain and agony while visiting a dental office. You can tell an exciting story to make your kid brush their teeth. You may tell the story of imaginary sugar bugs that can eat your child’s teeth if they do not brush regularly.
  • Child-friendly dentist: – Quail Lakes Dental Care can be the dental office in Stockton, CA, to visit with your kid. The child needs to feel comfortable while the dentist treats the ailment. We offer family-friendly dentists to provide sensitive dental care to your child. You may book an appointment and experience our unparallel services.

Final Words

Now that you have an idea of how to make toothbrushing fun, it is time to get started. Once your child knows and understands the importance of proper brushing, it will become easier for you.

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